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Final Drive Upgrades for R1200 HP2 Enduro

Options available to purchase and install gear set, ring and pinion into existing final drive unit or to purchase and install a complete final drive assembly. Please visit Performance Upgrades page for parts and labor breakdown for each option.

R1200 HP2 Enduro Performance Drive Parts and Labor Costs
2.82 / 2.91 / 3.0 Ratios available for HP2 Enduro
Option 1: Gear Set Replacement $1533
Option 2: Final Drive Replacement $1940
Option 3: Final Drive Replacement - Racing Use Only $1502
*No ABS or Speedometer Capability on Option 3.

RPM Calculator for R1200 HP2 Enduro

Use the calculator below to demonstrate the change in RPM values from the stock R1200 HP2 Enduro rear end to the upgrade of your choice. For example, the calculated RPM for 60 MPH on a stock drive (2.82), on a stock tire (24.75 in) in 6th gear (0.805) would be 3208. Adjust values in the calculator for your desired drive, speed and gear using information from the chart below. Tire heights provided are estimates. Each tire brand has a different profile, so measure your own tire for a more exact calculation.

To Calculate RPM:

Rear End Ratio: (Use Value A)
Desired MPH: (Enter Custom Value)
Tire Diameter: (Use Value B, or Custom Value)
Gear Ratio: (Use Value C for Selected Gear)
RPM at Given MPH:


R1200 HP2 Enduro Value Position
Stock Final Drive Ratio 2.82 A
Performance Final Drive Ratio Option 1 2.91 A
Performance Final Drive Ratio Option 2 3.0 A
Tire Diameter (inches) 24.75 B
1st Gear Ratio 2.277 C
2nd Gear Ratio 1.583 C
3rd Gear Ratio 1.259 C
4th Gear Ratio 1.033 C
5th Gear Ratio 0.903 C
6th Gear Ratio 0.805 C

*Prices subject to change. Please call for exact cost and details on upgrading your motorcycle.